Sharp 9 Gallery

Sharp 9 Gallery is a venue in Durham.  It is part of the Durham Jazz Workshop, a non-profit which was formed to educate aspiring jazz musicians and to provide a venue for live jazz performances.  Sharp 9 is a fantastic place to see area musicians perform, as the audience is there only for the music and there are few if any distractions.

Sharp 9 is just off Martin Luther King Drive, and easily accessible from I-40 via Highway 55.

North Carolina Central University Jazz Studies

NCCU has the oldest jazz studies department in the state.  Its ensembles have been acclaimed and its students have performed far and wide and achieved much acclaim of the own.  Concerts featuring their instrumental and vocal ensembles are not to be missed!


The BEYÙ is a good place for coffee but a great place for live jazz music, hosting performers from North Carolina as well as famous jazz musicians from all over.  It is easy to find in downtown Durham.

The Durham Hotel

The Durham hosts a monthly jazz night presented by Art of Cool.

Duke Jazz Program

Duke University has a student jazz ensemble and student jazz combos led by the well-known bassist John Brown.  They offer occasional concerts.