NC Jazz Beat is all about promoting the jazz musicians, live jazz performances, and jazz education in North Carolina, particularly in the area between Winston-Salem and Rocky Mount.

It is well known that many famous jazz musicians have North Carolina roots or spent important times of their lives in our state, but put away your jazz history book, because North Carolina offers much more than old stories about Thelonious Monk and Billy Strayhorn and others who were Resting In Peace before we attended our first concert.  We have world-class jazz musicians and ensembles living and performing right here and right now.

Frequent live performances are within a short drive.  Some are free, others are for the price of coffee or dinner or a ticket.  Even the famous globe-trotting musicians play here, so forget standing in the cold, wet taxi line at LaGuardia.

This NC Jazz Beat will connect you to musicians and performances you would not previously be aware of, and in doing so help keep "our" jazz scene vibrant and rewarding for audiences and musicians alike.

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